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  1. We believe all beings innately possess a desire to create – as a tribute to the Universe.

  2. We believe just as we reflect the Universe experiencing itself, the Universe reflects its boundless potential through our creations.

  3. We see all ventures, personal or entrepreneurial, as creation, and creation as a sacred spiritual act, mirroring the boundless potential of Source Consciousness.

  4. We recognize all creation to be innately a soulful curation of one strand of possibility, brought into our dimension, from the realm of the Absolute.

  5. We envision a future where curation is a part of every act – rendering ventures egoless in expression, and pure in intention.


  1. We believe in the passionate souls who walk alongside this journey with us

  2. We believe we experience this life only once, but souls are forever.

  3. We believe those who share the same Mission will unite – if not in this life, in another.

  4. We believe in the transcendence of humankind – from love, in Reverence to Source.

  5. And we believe that these beliefs can only be experienced, not explained -- therefore may these words pass through you as the wind through the trees.

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